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Partner with us to more effectively attract and mobilize the capital needed to realize bold visions for social impact and change.

Our advisory team leverages decades of experience in philanthropy and fundraising and extensive networks to help our clients successfully navigate pathways to social investment goals. With insights gathered from work across a broad spectrum of issue areas, we offer actionable insights and proven approaches to help you advance your mission.

Our core values.​

Great organizations deserve to prosper. We bring purposeful action and impeccable execution to address emergent and complex organizational matters.

people first

Great workplaces become workplaces of choice when each person can soar.

Equity Everywhere

Centering work in equity is just, fair and the path to true organizational effectiveness.

IMpact always

Real and meaningful impact only occurs when people can thrive at work — together and all in.

trust earned

Honesty, integrity and privacy always and throughout each client relationship.

Our commitment to anti-racism and equity.​

Open Door Advisors Philanthropy provides trusted consulting for leaders and organizations seeking growth, impact and change. We are committed to racial equity and justice to redress the impact of systemic racism, white supremacy, sexism, homophobia, anti-immigrant bias, ableism, and all other forms of oppression through our work.

We believe that:

  • anti-racism is an imperative, a value, a strategy and a leadership competency;
  • a consulting team with diverse backgrounds and life experiences deepens our ability to serve our client partners;
  • we are respectful and grateful partners and allies with people who share these core beliefs and are committed to systemic change;
  • we must do more than talk; anti-racism and justice are achieved through truth and action.
We are committed to truth and action:​
  • we are continuously learning, understanding and evolving as a white-led company;
  • we are committed to honest discussions on how this manifests in our work including our unconscious biases and any unintended actions that may be wrong, hurtful and in need of change;
  • we support leaders and teams to act on the responsibilities of dismantling inequities;
  • we embrace the imperative to be an anti-racist company and seek partners and collaborators allied in this imperative to provide space, voice and power to people and communities historically oppressed.

Why us?
We've got the answers and the tools.

Practical and accessible​
Great organizations deserve to prosper. We bring purposeful action and impeccable execution to address emergent and complex organizational matters.


Experience and wisdom​
We understand your challenges and how to transform them into opportunities. Our approach is grounded in research on effective organizational practices, which yields results and solves problems.


Flawless client relations​
We work side by side with you to deliver high value from start to finish. Our laser sharp focus on project objectives maximizes your valuable resources and time.